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  FAQs about ECC  

Here you will find quick answers to questions about admission and parking, food, what’s happening at ECC, and where to get help. Can’t find what you need on the ECC site, and don’t see your question below? Email us at and we’ll reply to you as soon as possible.

General Info

Do I need to pay to get in?

All spectators* (ages 12+) must purchase a wristband for entry to either venue. To avoid the lines, pre-order online.daily pass is $10 or the entire weekend for $25.  

You can also purchase your wristbands during the tournament at the UW Plaza Information Desk or the Academy Sports Center for $10 per day or $25 for a three-day pass.

ASC players and spectators: Want to check out the food and fun at the UW venue? Your wristband is good for admission at either venue.

*Coaches and players do not need to purchase; they will receive their wristbands in the Coaches Welcome packets.

How do I find out which venue location and wave I play in?

If you know which division your team plays in, you can find your playing location and wave in the purple and red chart on the ECC website homepage.  

How do I find my team schedule and results?

To find your team’s daily play schedule and results, go to the upper right corner of any ECC website page, then click the AES schedule icon to see the schedule details and results for each division.

Where can I park during ECC?

UW Venue

  • The UW will charge $7.55/day for parking until 12PM Saturday; no charge on Sunday or Monday. 

  • For the AM wave at UW, please download the PayByPhone parking app ahead of time to save you time on Saturday morning. This online payment option will allow you to set up your car and a payment method ahead of time, and take just a minute or so to pay once you get there to the lot. The lot you want to park in is E18 and is located north of the IMA and soccer fields. We will have plenty of signage on Montlake directing you to this parking lot. It is a little bit of a walk to the facilities, so prepare if it happens to be raining.

  • E18 is known as Lot #123182 on PayByPhone.

  • Please follow all parking restriction signs as there are several lots that are reserved for UW employees and other permit holders, etc.. Violation of parking regulations at UW can be expensive and they seem to appear out of nowhere to hand out tickets, we don't recommend you gamble.

  • See our ECC Parking Map for instructions for where to enter and park.  

  • RV parking is allowed only during the day; no overnight parking is allowed

ASC Venue

  • You may park for free in either the Academy Sports Center lot, or the overflow parking across the street that we have rented for you.

  • Please follow the onsite signs and instructions for dropping off players and parking.

  • No RV parking is allowed at any time.

Can I park my RV or car overnight?

Unfortunately, overnight parking is not available at either location. RV parking is not available at ASC. 

Where can I hang out with my team?

Teams playing at the UW may “camp” during their wave at the Team Areas in the Alaska Airlines Arena Concourse (areas are taped). All spots are first-come, first serve. Please leave your team area as clean as it was when you arrived, so teams in the next wave can use that spot again. There is absolutely no food allowed inside of the Dempsey Indoor Facility at UW. Exceptions for diabetic or other medical needs of course will be granted. First time a player, coach, or spectator for a team is caught with food or drinks other than water inside of Dempsey will result in a 13-point penalty for a set to 25 or 8-penalty for a set to 15. NO EXCEPTIONS. The second offense will result in expulsion from the tournament. No mercy.

Teams playing at the Academy Sports Center may eat and relax at tables and chairs upstairs near the Academy Grill. These tables must be shared with other teams, so all bags and gear must be stored in the designated shelves nearby.

For a complete list of Facility Rules, see the Playing at UW or Playing at ASC pages on the ECC website.

Will college coaches attend ECC?

Yes. College coaches, mostly from around the Northwest, will be scouting players at ECC. We will have post an updated list of college coaches attending closer to the start date.

Can my grandmother in Wisconsin watch me play?

Granny is in luck, if you have matches scheduled on any of our courts you will be able to watch them live through the links provided in the schedule on (AES). BallerTV is making every court available to be viewed live and you also can purchase a recording of every match played. For more information about BallerTV and the live-streaming options available for grandma, please visit view this information.

Why does play start so late on Memorial Day?

All teams, parents and fans are invited to our short Memorial Day Ceremony on Monday morning at 7:45 AM in the Dempsey Indoor facility. We will honor those who died while serving in the US military, and present the Candis Carter Inspirational Award to the top defensive player in each age division.

All teams will have plenty of warm-up time before their first match, so please join us for this brief recognition of the purpose behind Memorial Day. 

Food and Fun

Where can I get good eats?

UW Venue*

  • We have a great variety of food trucks. There is something for everyone, including those who need vegetarian or gluten-free options. Choose from tacos and burritos, sweet and savory crepes, gourmet grilled cheese, organic burgers and cheesesteak sandwiches, Asian fusion and street food, and more. 

  • Check out UW Food Menus for each vendor. 

*Please note that food is not allowed inside the IMA or Dempsey Indoor facilities, or on the gym floors in the Alaska Airlines Arena.


ASC Venue**

  • Food trucks will be available for players/parents/spectators. Food IS allowed in ASC this year however, NO FOOD TABLES.

What can I do when our team isn’t playing?

UW Venue*

  • Browse through our great food vendors in the Main Plaza.

  • Head to the Alaska Airlines Arena Concourse. There you can hang out with your friends.

  • Check out the custom tees and sweats at Fine Designs,

  • *Please note that some vendors may leave early if they sell out, and when play winds down toward the end of each day.


ASC Venue

  • Check out the low-priced gear, Molten novelty volleyballs, and clothing at the ASC Pro Shop. 

  • Take a group photo in front of the ECC backdrop.

If you need help

How do I get help for an injury or medical emergency?

UW Venue

  • If you have a minor injury, go to the First Aid station located inside Dempsey Indoor Facility. The First Aid station, staffed by physicians and students from Bastyr Sports Medicine Club, can provide you with ice and taping. With parental approval, BSMC can also provide therapies such as massage, acupuncture, and Naturopathic manipulation. 

  • Ice bags are available in two additional locations: at the IMA in the hallway between gyms, and at the Arena at the top of the stairs by the east end of the main floor seating area.

  • For a medical emergency, flag down any volunteer with a red Academy t-shirt. We’ll call for an onsite EMT or other emergency personnel.

ASC Venue

  • If you have a minor injury or need ice, go to the Trainer Room under the stairs.

  • For a medical emergency, flag down any volunteer with a red Academy t-shirt. We’ll call for emergency personnel.

Help, where can I find my lost water bottle / blanket / backpack!

Lost and Found for all playing sites at the UW venue is located on the far side of the Tournament Desk in the Dempsey Indoor facility. Items with high value will be kept at the Tournament Desk. 

At the Academy Sports Center, Lost and Found is located under the stairs.

What if you realize you’ve lost something after you get home? Check back on the ECC website. We’ll post photos of everything we find two days after the tournament. Email Kristine at the Academy Sports Center (, and we’ll coordinate with you so you can get your item back as soon as possible.

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