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  General Tournament Info   

Team Check-In

All teams will check in at the tournament desk (inside Dempsey Indoor at the UW, or at the Academy Sports Center) up to 45 minutes before the wave starts at your location. This year you can also check in on Friday at UW during the exhibition alumni volleyball match starting at 5:00pm


All coaches must check in their teams prior to commencing play. Items needed for check in are copies of your medical release forms, and verification of team rosters that must be accurate through the AES website.


We will not accept any rosters other than the official AES roster that we will be printing for you. We will print all check-in rosters on Thursday, May 23rd. Make sure your team's rosters are accurate to avoid delays at check in.

Playing Rules & Tie Breakers

We are following all playing rules of JVA Volleyball with liberos allowed to serve. All matches will be 2/3 to 25/15 (except in cases where there is only one 3-team pool in a division and we may have the teams play 3 sets to 20). There are no caps on any of the sets. There are no tie breaking games played. 2-way ties are settled by the team that won the head to head match in that pool. 3-way ties are settled by:

1) match percentage

2) set percentage

3) point percentage, and if necessary

4) coin toss


We use a different schedule for our 4-team pools. 1st and 2nd seeds will only ref once and the #1 seed plays in the first round and leaves early. Please consult the schedule to ensure you are at your court for your match or officiating responsibility. Teams will be required to provide an R2, scorekeeper, libero tracker, score flipper, and two line judges.


If we have some teams drop that result in a 3-team pool, we will schedule crossover matches if there is more than one 3-team pool in your division. If there is just one 3-team pool in your division, you will play a mandatory 3 sets to 25. Standings for your pool will be based on match play.

In the 13 Open and 14 Club divisions you may play the same team more than once, perhaps even more than twice over three days. We will have 16 teams to play in each division over three days.


The following awards will be presented at the 2024 Emerald City Classic:

ALL TOURNAMENT TEAM and MVP for the top six players in Open/Club for 18s, 16s, 15s and 14s divisions

CANDIS CARTER INSPIRATIONAL AWARD for the top defensive player in 18s, 16s, 15s, 14s

TEAM TROPHIES FOR THE 1st AND 2nd PLACE TEAMS IN GOLD for 18s, 16s, 15s, 14s and 13s

INDIVIDUAL MEDALS FOR 1st AND 2nd PLACE IN GOLD and 1st IN SILVER, BRONZE, AND EMERALD in 18s, 16s, 15s, 14s and 13s

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