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TACO DEL MAR brings Baja attitude to ECC menu

Last year, you asked us to add tacos to the menu…so we did! How easy was that? Look below to find out what inspires TDM, what they bring to ECC, and what you could win!

“TACO DEL MAR was founded in 1992 on Pier 57 in Seattle’s historic waterfront district. The inspiration for TDM began in the late 1960’s with a group of surfers in search of the perfect wave… We don’t know if they ever found it, but what they did find was something that would leave a lasting impression. At the same time in a little area of San Francisco the Mission Style Burrito was taking off, part of the inspiration for what is now TACO DEL MAR. TACO DEL MAR is all about Baja attitude and Coastal Mexican Cuisine. The name means Taco of the Sea and is reflective of our Coastal Mexican Cuisine.

TACO DEL MAR is all about Baja attitude. Our culture is fun and vibrant, our food is fresh, colorful & tasty, and our restaurants are like a little getaway during a busy day. We are known for our Coastal Mexican Cuisine, and we will be serving our most popular slow-cooked chicken tacos at the event, among other items. Our philosophy is: Be Positive! Be Friendly! Have Fun!”

You can choose slow-cooked chicken, beef and vegetarian options for your taco, burrito, bowl or nachos at two locations - the UW Main Plaza and the UW Alaska Airlines Arena. Stop by the TACO DEL MAR booths, get a great meal, and enter your name to win a gift certificate or TACO DEL MAR t-shirt. See you soon!

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