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Bastyr University physicians and students treat players at the Dempsey First Aid station

The ECC is excited to welcome back Bastyr Sports Medicine Club (BSMC) to the First Aid station located in the Dempsey Indoor Facility!

Dr. Masahiro Takakura, ND, DC, LAc, and Dr. Calvin Kwan, ND, lead a team of four additional naturopathic doctors and 30 club members who spent two months preparing for the ECC. They are joined by Sofina Lin, LAc, and the Bastyr TCM Sports Medicine club. Together, the clubs use Naturopathic sports medicine and traditional Chinese medicine to triage injuries and provide first aid, Kinesiotape and athletic taping, stretching, soft tissue massage and myofascial release, craniosacral and visceral manipulation, laser therapy, and naturopathic manipulation (with parent approval). The Bastyr team also provides recommendations for follow-up treatment, home exercises, stretching, and medical referrals. This is the BSMC’s 8th year supporting the ECC, and some dedicated members are in their 6th year of volunteering.

What is BSMC? Bastyr Sports Medicine Club is a dedicated group of physicians and students at Bastyr University, a leading university in natural medicine. The BSMC mission: To educate and train the next generation of physical medicine and sports medicine practitioners who can diagnose conditions, and understand and perform both allopathic (conventional Western) and non-allopathic or Naturopathic treatments in any clinical setting. Dr. Masahiro Takakura is the medical director and lead supervising physician who established BSMC. His commitment to the students and passion for teaching and practicing naturopathic medicine motivates many students to succeed in the BSMC mission. Dr. Takakura and the Naturopathic Sports Medicine Associates sponsor the students at ECC, so that they have opportunities to work side-by-side with physicians and improve their diagnostic, physical medicine and first aid skills.

We asked one student what makes Bastyr physicians and students unique. She provides a convincing reply:

“As Naturopathic medical physicians and student clinicians we receive the similar training in pharmaceuticals and basic sciences as allopathic doctors (i.e. MD, DO), but in addition, we receive training in herbal medicine, nutrition, physical medicine, and behavioral health. We are trained to diagnose and treat the root cause by looking at the body as a whole and treating holistically.”

Julieann Murella, LMP

Naturopathic Medical Student, 2018

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Masters Candidate, 2018

Bastyr University

Kenmore, WA

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