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Food Truck Menus 

Crepe Cafe - Sweet. Savory. Simply divine. Stop by our booth for a fresh, hand-made crepe with Ham and Cheese, Lemon Curd and Blueberry, Strawberry Nutella, or Cinnamon Sugar. UW Plaza.


Sweet Crepes
Plain Jane: homemade crepe $6.50
Sweet Dust: cinnamon sugar crepe $6.50
A Bebe: homemade lemon curd topped with fresh blueberries $8.00
Berry Nutty: nutella topped with homemade strawberry sauce $8.00
Nutty Dust: nutella topped with cinnamon sugar $7.50
BYO: choose any two sweet toppings $8.00
Extra Sweet Topping $0.50

Savory Crepes
Crepedilla: melted monterey jack and cheddar cheese mix $10.00
The Oinker: ham and melted monterey jack and cheddar cheese mix $12.00
Hammilicious: ham and melted monterey jack and cheddar cheese mix topped with homemade strawberry sauce $14
Extra Meat Topping $2

Water $1
Sanpellegrino $2

The Cheese Pit - Tasty chow for a yummy price. Vegan cheese and gluten-free options available. UW Plaza.

Old Skool - American Cheese on Grilled sour dough bread $9
Turkey Bliss - Turkey, Bacon and swiss cheese melted and topped with honey-garlic mustard sauce, grilled on sour dough bread $11
Sweet Baby Ray - Smoked Ham, Pepper jack Cheese topped with BBQ Sauce and grilled on sour dough bread $11
Pepperbomb - Jalapeños and Pepper jack Cheese melted and topped with our Maple-Sriracha Sauce and grilled on sour dough bread $10

Rise and Shine (served until 11am) - Breakfast sausage, egg-white patty, & sharp-white cheddar cheese, topped with our original  maple-sriracha sauce.  Served on grilled Sourdough $12

Yummy Box Food Truck - Mouth watering street food from Asia. Made from fresh locally sourced ingredients, and prepared with professional care. UW Plaza.


Vegetarian Stir Fry Noodle $10
Bacon Chicken Katsu Burger with Fries $12
Japanese Chicken Katsu Curry $11
Orange Chicken with Rice and Salad $10
Ahi Tuna Poke with Steam rice $13
$6 Sides: Chicken Pot Stickers or Vegetarian Spring Roll or French Fries

Dippin' Dots - an unconventional ice cream, deemed the "ice cream of the future" that's both fresh & flavorful!

Flavors include:

Banana Split, Birthday Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate, Cookies 'N Cream, Cool Mint Crunch, Cotton Candy, Strawberry, Ultimate Brownie Batter, and Vanilla

**Flavors may not be available at all locations.

Prices unavailable at this time.

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