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Crepe Café Sisters, our 2016 ECC Best Food Vendor, is Simply Divine

Last year, Crepe Café Sisters and their luscious sweet and savory crepes were rated the Best of ECC. Look below to find out how Crepe Café evolved, and how they want to thank those who support them.

"Many people ask us Sisters how we got involved in the crepe business, and truly, it was by a whimsical chance and a leap of faith. The previous owners, our former Young Life leaders, were starting a family and found they didn't have the time to dedicate to the Crepe Cafe, so that is where the Sisters came in. When the leaders asked us if we wanted to buy the Crepe Café, we thought nahhhh. But, then we started talking and dreaming about the possibilities, owning the Crepe Café as sisters and investing together in something we both could love. We knew we HAD to buy it! Owning a business with your sister is a wonderful adventure, and is truly the best decision we ever made.

Our slogan is Sweet. Savory. Simply Divine. We choose this fun slogan for two reasons. First, it reflects the product we serve. Also, it was inspired by an extremely important person in both our lives. Our Auntie Mo was a strong, stubborn woman who always encouraged us to never settle and to always follow our dreams. Although she passed before she could see us fulfill our dream of the creperie, we decided to make Auntie Mo a part of our dream by adding her phrase - Simply Divine - to our slogan.

We make everything from scratch, and still follow the same recipes that have been with the Crepe Café since Day One, which was 15 years ago! We value the history of this business and only strive to add to its amazing foundation. We serve unique, sweet and savory, crepes that will have your taste buds screaming for more!"

Crepe Café Sisters are in the UW Main Plaza starting at 7AM each day of the ECC. Stop by to meet The Sisters, Ashley and Jessica, and try a Simply Divine crepe for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. Don’t forget to enter to win yourself a sweet or savory crepe, or sweet crepes for your whole team (12 players and 2 coaches)!

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